What is blackjack?

Blackjack which is also referred to as twenty one is one of the most popular casino card games online and off. This game pits the players against the dealers in hopes of getting as close to twenty one without busting. In this card game you do not compete with other players and only against the dealer and is played at least one deck of 52 cards but may be played with several decks as well.

The object of blackjack is to get twenty one points or to reach a score that is higher than the dealer but does not exceed the amount 21. Each player will be dealt two cards which will require them to add up the totals. When placing blackjack it’s imperative that you understand the value of the cards so you can properly count them as you go. The kings, queens and jacks in each deck are considered face cards and will always be counted as ten points. The ace is a versatile card because it can be either 1 or 11 points depending on what you need. Every other card equals their face value so if you have a nine then that card would be worth 9 points or if you have a seven that would be 7 points.

Once each player and the dealer have been dealt their first two cards players will have the option to “hit”. You would add your cards up and determine if you would like to receive another card which is known as a hit. Once you are happy with the cards that you have you will need to stand which means you are not looking to take anymore cards and happy with the number that you have. In the event that the cards that you have go over the number 21 this would be a bust and you would automatically lose.

Since you are playing against the dealer only it doesn’t really matter what the other players totals are because it does not affect you. The dealer will be required to take a hit on their two initial cards if the two combined equal 16 or less. Depending on where you are playing blackjack online or at a local casino they may also be required to take a hit if they have a soft 17. A soft seventeen is when the dealer has an ace and a six which can be counted as either 7 or 17 due to the versatility of the ace. However, every casino sites is different so you will want to determine that before moving forward so you truly understand what is expected of you and the dealer. UK casinos to play blackjack online at www.bestonlinecasinouk.info

If the dealer does not bust each players hand will be compared to the dealer to determine which players are winners or losers. If your hand has a higher total without going over 31 and compared to the dealer then you will be deemed as the winner. In the event that the dealer has a higher total than your cards then they would beat you and you would lose your bet. If you tie with the dealer you don’t lose or win and is considered a push. In the event of a push you do not lose any of your chips that you bet but you also do not win anything.

When you receive your first two initial cards the best hand possible that you may receive is a blackjack. This occurs when the first two cards that you have received equal twenty one which would require an ace paired with a ten, jack, queen or king. If you get a blackjack you will typically be paid your original bed & 1 which means if your bet was $10 you would be paid $15 on a blackjack instead of even money on other wins that are not a blackjack.

In addition to hit and stand there are other common terms that you should know when playing blackjack such as double down, split and insurance. A double down is when a player wants to bet the same amount as their original bet in hopes of getting exactly what they need on a single card. So if you choose to place a double down bet on a hand that has a seven and a four you are hoping that the single card will be a face card (jack, queen or king) or a ten so you get 21 but keep in mind you will only be given one card. Split is another common term and happens when a player wants to split their first two initial cards especially when they have like 7s or 8s and will require that they place a second bet equal to the first.

Insurance is an option that is given to players when the dealer has an ace as their top card and before they check their hole card to determine if they have blackjack or not. This is a side bet on whether or not you believe that the dealer has blackjack or not. You can choose to pay half of your original bet or the full amount and in the event that you are right it will pay 2:1 meaning that two dollars will be paid for every dollar betted on the insurance side bet. This is an optional bet and is not required.

In the event that a player has blackjack and the dealer is showing an ace they have the option of taking even money before seeing whether or not the dealer has blackjack or they can choose to wait but in the event that the dealer has blackjack it would be a push and they would not receive any money at all. Most dealers choose to take even money instead of risking the chance of not winning anything at all since there is a high chance that the dealer has blackjack when showing an ace but that is something that you must decide on.

Blackjack is a very popular casino game so if you are looking for something new to learn and try this may be the game for you.